Reading List For 2020 Q1

Article by Wayne Fagan. Published on 9 Feb, 2020.

I have always read frequently and widely, a habit which I acquired from my youth, it stems from a belief (taught to me by my mother) that reading is one of the primary ways of self-improvement, and that self-improvement should be a preoccupation of those who desire to excel.

This is my own curated reading list for Q1 of 2020.

- Stealing Fire, by Steven Kotler

- Life 3.0, by Max Tegmark

- Growing a Revolution, by David Montgomery

- Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker

- Designing Data Intensive Applications, by Martin Kleppmann

- Grokking Algorithms, by Aditya Bhargava

- Code, by Charles Petzold

- The Pragmatic Programmer, by David Thomas

- Test Driven Development, by Harry Percival

- So Good They Can't Ignore You, by Cal Newport

All of the above books are in my possession and not on some wishlist (lol).